Choose a unique brand name that communicates a core aspect of your identity, a key benefit you provide or your promise.

Call us when you face the following challenges (we promise to give you a good cup of Joe):

  • You don›t have a name for your new brand or company
  • You are merging with another business and need a new name
  • You need to name a new product or service that you launching
  • All suitable names that you would like to use for a new entity are taken
  • You need a new brand name to elevate an existing product or service

The Solution:

  • During our BrandScan and BrandPlan process we understand your aspirations, your competitive environment and your target customers
  • We implement our NameStorm methodology
  • We conduct research, explore unfamiliar territories, generate themes, write name options on our whiteboards, distill, debate and distill some more until we come up with a list of names that fits your naming criteria
  • We check that the names we suggest, and a suitable URL, are available
  • We give you a short list, and on that list (in most cases), is the name of your future brand