Brand guidelines

Effective brand guidelines ensure that your brand identity is applied consistently at every touchpoint, communicating that your brand is dependable and trustworthy.

Brand guidelines serve as a solid foundation to inform brand managers, designers, copywriters, agencies and employees how to apply your brand correctly in a variety of situations.

It’s time to talk to us when you face the following challenges (we promise to give you a good cup of Joe):

  • The rules guiding the application of your brand identity are unclear or are scattered at numerous online and offline files
  • You have no single repository of the different and latest approved versions of your logo
  • You have multiple people working with your brand, both inside and outside your business, and you need to maintain the integrity of your brand identity at all times
  • You need a framework that will keep your identity on-brand at all times

The Solution

  • A comprehensive and considered set of guidelines on you how to use your logo, brand colours and fonts as well as how to best apply your style (such as graphics and photography) to your advertising, signage, social media, interiors, uniforms and vehicles in a visually consistent way
  • We collate all relevant information, create the design concept, housing mechanism, content and copywriting, graphic design, finished art, production specifications (if to be printed) and provide online repository recommendations