Research + Insight

Gain key insights and find opportunities to innovate, grow and secure the winning edge against your competitors.

You’re unlikely to win unless you know three things: the game, who you are playing against and how you intend to win. Research assists you to define your aspirations, understand what your customers want and to uncover opportunities (and pitfalls) in your competitive environment. It lays the foundation for effective strategy.

Talk to us when you’re facing the following challenges (we promise to give you a good cup of joe):

  • Your business is ‘drifting’ and you want to define your strengths, goals, purpose and culture
  • You have limited insights into your industry, category and competitors (who’s doing what, what they’re doing well and how they’re doing it)
  • You’re desperate to find new customers, attract them and retain them
  • You’re unable to define what makes your business distinctive from your competitors
  • You can’t find gaps in the market to capitalise on

The Solution:

  • During our BrandScan process we look at your company from the inside-out and outside-in
  • We facilitate fun and creative BrandLabs (branding and marketing workshops) that get your team thinking, engaging and sharing their ideas about how to improve your business and brands, outsmart your competitors and grow your customer base
  • We share our green box of tricks that contains games, charts, worksheets and a ridiculous amount of Post-Its to create and capture the most effective, ground-breaking and mind-blasting ideas
  • We get to grips with your business, marketing and sales strategies
  • We distil customer needs, wants, behaviours and trends driving purchase behaviour
  • We ask tough questions of you, your key stakeholders, your clients and your partners
  • We identify best practice in your marketplace so we can strategise on how you can be the leader