Define the plan of action that will enable you to achieve your objectives and win.

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Give us a call when you face the following challenges (we promise to give you a good cup of Joe):

  • You don’t know how to create a new brand strategy
  • Your brand is looking outdated against its competitors and it’s time to refresh it
  • You feel swamped in brand chaos, you are merging with another company or are acquiring brands
  • Your brand isn’t distinctive and you need to position it against its competitors (so that it stands out)
  • You are unsure of how all of your businesses, brands, co-brands, products and services relate to each other within your organisation
  • You don’t have a marketing plan
  • You need a strategy to deal with ever-changing market conditions
  • You don’t know how to bring your business strategy to life through branding, communication and marketing programmes
  • You’re unsure how to increase your market share, profitability and revenue
  • You don’t have a strategy to create new products and services or to enter new markets areas for development and to solve tricky business problems

The Solution:

  • Through our BrandPlan process we develop a strategy that defines your unique brand essence and positioning
  • We explore and adapt branding models to define the optimal strategy for your business
  • We articulate clear, distinct and heartfelt brand purpose, personality and values that guide employees to deliver a consistent, unique experience to your customers
  • We translate business strategy into marketing / innovation / communication / brand strategy
  • Create portraits of target customer segments and map the customer journey of how they buy from you
  • Address customer needs by building a brand that people know, like and trust
  • We recommend a brand architecture model that is the best fit for your organisation
  • We create a brand architecture system for your portfolio of brands that is simple, user-friendly, intuitive and logical
  • We structure clear relationships between your divisions, brands, products and co-brands so that your customers can navigate easily across your offering
  • During our marketing planning process we clearly articulate measurable objectives, assess your current reality, identify your resources and confirm budgets
  • We develop a long-term marketing strategy that attracts new customers and retains the ones you have
  • We develop and implement powerful marketing tactics and activities that deliver results
  • We offer an Accelerated Marketing Plan (AMP) that defines short-term strategic initiatives, tactics and timelines
  • Create plans that are structured, yet flexible enough, to adapt to new challenges
  • Define an innovation strategy to bring new ideas for products and services to market
  • Articulate clear key messages, including your promise and tagline, that represent your personality through a defined tone of voice
  • Identify the most effective communication channels to reach your audiences